Dear Christian Leader,

I am honoured to greet you and invite you to the Prayer Conference 2014. I would very humbly request you to consider the following prayerfully:

Our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to make disciples in the Great Commission and He also commanded us to love one another in the Great Commandment. The strength of fulfilling the Great Commission of Evangelization and loving one another in the Great Commandment, cannot be fulfilled in our own strength. The Bible very clearly prescribes prayer as a very important and mandatory discipline of every Christian’s daily life. We Christian leaders are expected to have that culture more than others for the place of responsibility we hold. However, prayer becomes the most difficult duty of the day as other ministry pressures eat into our prayer time.

A revival of prayer is not only of personal life but also of our ministries bringing forth national revival.

Pastor Benny Hinn and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome are men of God and used by God in the highest of His Grace and what an opportunity we have now in this Prayer Conference from January 15th to 19th in Bangalore to participate and learn from the lives and ministry of many of God’s servants. The atmosphere of prayer that we gain in this Conference can rest on us for a lifetime and I would request you to kindly register on-line immediately and avail of the early bird registration discounts. Please announce this programme and inform all in your area of influence.

Looking forward to praying together in the Prayer Conference, I remain

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Johnson V.